Audio Excitement Takes No Shortcuts.

There are many aspects that make up a quality DJ company; most important is the entertainer. However, just like any professional, you need the quality tools to do the job right. Audio Excitement has also excelled in this area in addition to entertainers, music and presentation. Not only do we have top quality equipment for our lights, sound and video, but it is also constantly being maintained, cleaned and improved (although there is little room for improvement!).

In contrast, most other DJ services in the area employ a small, easily-portable system. We envy them as far as ease of set-up goes, but it ends there. The problem with most competitor's cheap equipment is that it typically sounds poor, lacks punch and definition, and if it is over-worked, it will certainly fail. Audio Excitement's sound systems exclusively use high-end EV and JBL speakers. Each of our main sound systems has a true 4,600 watt power rating. For larger venues, we have the capability of paralleling these two systems together for a total of 9,200 watts. Combined with our light show, we require a total of four 20-Amp 120-Volt circuits. If your venue is known for power issues and weaknesses, we have a gasoline-powered generator to provide additional electricity!

Don't worry if you do not understand this technical information. The bottom line is that Audio Excitement has a superior sound system, one that is second to none that we have ever seen mobile in the Valley. Also, remember that bigger and louder is definitely not better. While our system is very powerful (which is fun for the last hour of our show when we get to some rock and roll & modern dance music), we keep the music at a volume level that is enjoyable and appropriate for all guests.

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