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North-Eastern Wisconsin's DJ shows were way overdue for some innovation, until the summer of 2002 when Audio Excitement's Aaron Schmitt and Nic Betow designed a system that will be sure to keep your guests visually entertained all night!

Audio Excitement is the first (and only, that we are aware of) company to include a full video system, which is included with our two main systems. The video system consists of a 6-foot rear-projection video screen and a whole lot of ingenuity. While all other DJs simply play music, that's where Audio Excitement is just getting started. For the majority of our music, we also show the music video as well! Believe us, it was no easy task finding and editing videos as old as Buddy Holly, The Beatles and Elvis Presley. We have videos in our collection from the last 50 years of music, and we get more every month! If your guests were watching TV in the 50s and 60s, then chances are they will have a blast from their past!

Above Photo - The Beatles perform "I Saw Her Standing There" from 1964 on our video screen!

The idea is simple in theory, but makes for a ten-fold difference to the audience. Visual entertainment. This goes beyond lights & beyond props. There is always something new and fun to watch on our screen. In addition to our music videos, we have various movie & comedy clips that coordinate with our show.

For most events, we also include our digital photography system at no extra charge! Here's how it works. As songs are playing, we will be out with our digital cameras collecting pictures of everything of interest. Little kids playing with our inflatable guitars. People dancing, slow dances, Grand Marches, prom courts, anything we can find. Within minutes of the photographs being taken, they will be up on our video screen randomly for everyone to see! Most nights, we collect between 100 and 200 high-resolution photographs, which we then provide for you on DVD at no charge for you to use at your disposal!

Ultimately, it's just another way that Audio Excitement is striving to provide the best entertainment available to the Fox River Valley.

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